American-style Coffee Shops Popping up Across Italy

Younger Italians prefer the range of coffees, flavors and foods featured in these trending shops.

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The Italians who prefer to drink American coffee

In Italy coffee is synonymous with espresso, downed quickly and without ceremony. But a new breed of American-style coffee shops is drawing in younger Italians.

“We like it here because we can study and be connected online. We both prefer American-style coffee than Italian and we love the different style of cakes,” say Aurora, 13, and Linda, aged 14.

It’s just before lunchtime and we’re sitting inside 12oz Coffee Joint – a self-styled American coffee shop near the Duomo in Milan.

‘Un caffe’

Italy is the world capital of coffee – wherever you turn you see a bar serving espresso, cappuccino or caffe macchiato as well as the traditional brioche.

In these places, if you asked for a latte you would be served a glass of milk. Ordering an espresso is also unnecessary; “un caffe” is all you need to say. Coffee and espresso are synonymous in Italy.

But in here the drink options are far more exotic, with americano, iced cinnamon lattes or caramel macchiatos all on offer.

It’s not just the drinks. The counter is piled high with a vast array of doughnuts, muffins, brownies and bagels.

One customer, Alberto, who is 32, says it’s these kinds of differences that have drawn him in.

“I enjoy coming here because it’s stylish and has a young fresh feel to it compared to Italian coffee shops.” Continue reading at 

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