200,000 Italians Sign Petition to Free Dog Taken From Trentino Home

Hey, Italians love their pets. The "Free Miro" campaign is gaining support throughout Italy.

200,000 Italians have signed a petition calling for the release of a dog that was taken away by police after neighbors complained it was barking too loudly.

The #FreeMiro petition, established by Eva Munter on change.org, claims her Maremma shepherd Miro was confiscated based on “unfounded accusations” of noise.

“Miro is part of my family,” she wrote, asking others to support her request that authorities release the pet. “He has a home and a large garden in which to run and play. Miro has been taken away from us as if he were an object and not a living creature with feelings.”

According to The Local, Munter had been fined twice over Miro’s alleged barking, paying $86 and $190 over the winter, according to the petition.

On March 22, the 3-year-old dog was seized by local police following a third noise complaint from neighbors in Roveré della Luna, a small town in Trentino.

Munter refused to pay the fine and instead the case will be heard in court next week.

In the interim, Miro will be held in a kennel.

What’s your take on the issue: Should the dog be released?

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