Preserving the Life and Legacy of Enrico Caruso

Aldo Mancusi, curator of the Enrico Caruso Museum in NYC, talks with We the Italians.

This interview, conducted by Umberto Mucci, appears on We the Italians.

Aldo Mancusi (Founder – Enrico Caruso Museum)

Imagine years of discrimination, without hope of being recognized of being worthy of any respect, possibly far from your family left in your homeland, working two or even three jobs, living in very poor conditions: that was life for the majority of the Italians emigrated at the end of XIX century in the US. Then, imagine a moment of pride, a glimpse of revenge, a situation where not only your people are respected, but one of them is hero, a celebrity, a leader cherished and admired in the whole world.

That is what happened when Enrico Caruso arrived to the US. From then on, he would be the most important, popular and successful living artist in the world. New York celebrates Enrico Caruso, of course. In Brooklyn there’s a museum that was imagined, created and still is directed by a pioneer, a visionary, an enthusiast for Caruso like nobody else: his name is Aldo Mancusi, and we are very happy to talk with him today.

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