It’s All Gibberish to Us

An Italian pop song reveals what Americans sound like... to people who can't speak a word of English.

We came across this song by Adriano Celentano on Social News Daily. It is sung entirely in made-up words meant to resemble American English.

The name, “prisencolinensinainciusol,” is less than pleasing to the ear – not to mention the mouth, too. But no hard feelings. Celentano, who wrote the song in 1974, was inspired by his genuine love for American pop music as a child and he wanted to explore the emotions those songs stirred in him (despite being unable to decipher the meaning of their words).

What better way to accomplish this goal than through a song where the words truly are meaningless?

Watch the video below and take a listen for yourself. Call us crazy, but it’s kind of catchy (despite not being able to understanding a word of it). Mission accomplished, Adriano!


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