New Fiction: “Kiss Carlo”

Novelist Adriana Trigiani to discuss how an intimate character portrait evolved into a sweeping epic.

This article, written by JON FERGUSON, appears on Lancaster Online.

Kiss Carlo

Novelist Adriana Trigiani thought she was working on a small book.

When she started writing it, Trigiani envisioned an intimate character portrait.

Her editor, however, disagreed.

After reading what she had written, he envisioned something a bit more ambitious.

“This one really grew in the process of writing it,” Trigiani says during a telephone interview. “I had a very insistent editor who said, ‘I think this book is bigger.’ He kept saying , ‘I think it’s a big epic.’

His vision won out.

Trigiani will talk about her new book, “Kiss Carlo,” when she visits Lancaster County Thursday for the 2017 Spring Author Luncheon at Calvary Church in Manheim Township. It’s a fundraiser for Lancaster County’s public libraries.

She describes the book, which will be released June 20, as a “doorstopper” that’s more than 500 pages long.

The novel’s setting, which stretches from Italy to the United States, focuses on an Italian-American family during post-World War II. It shines a light on the Italian neighborhood of South Philadelphia, the small Pennsyvlania town of Roseto in Northampton County (where Trigiani’s father grew up and she and her siblings were born) and New York City during the golden age of television. Read more at Lancaster Online…

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