Discover the Carmela Pellegrino ISDA Historical Library

During Italian American Heritage month, we celebrate the opening of our rich and finely curated ISDA Library.

In the pursuit of deepening our members’ connection to Italian-American heritage and traditions, we have established The Carmela Pellegrino ISDA Historical Library at ISDA Headquarters.

The Library strives to:

  • Curate and preserve historical documents and books involving Italian culture and ISDA’s past
  • Offer a rich and diverse collection of materials for anyone researching Italian heritage and history
  • Provide learning opportunities for all ages, with a focus on informing and educating younger Italian-American generations

The Library includes a symphonic and operatic music catalog, a selection of cookbooks — including editions by Rizzi Defabo — and historical biographies of famous Italian explorers and artists like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Frank Sinatra, Julius Caesar, Michelangelo and several Roman Catholic popes.

Here, you can page through books penned by actual ISDA members who recount their lives growing up in Italy and emigrating to America with their families.

You can also explore a collection of history, travel, Italian language and art & literature books.

ISDA’s Historical Library is always accepting donations of books, music, movies and vintage ISDA photographs and documents. Please contact us to make a donation today.

Visit or call The Carmela Pellegrino ISDA Historical Library at ISDA Headquarters:
419 Wood St., #3
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
T. (412) 261-3550

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