Hand Gestures: The Unspoken Language That Brought Italy Together

This is how Italians "talk."

One of the most notorious things Italians are known for is talking with their hands.

This gesture alone should be patented to the Italians.


To feel like you can have an authentic conversation, knowing the body language is nearly as important as the spoken word.

Interestingly, the reason is much more historically significant than most Americans realize.

If you have mastered the Italian language and traveled up and down Italy, you’d hear how the different regions have their own unique dialects.

Much of that has to do with how the Old Country was split up before the unification in 1861.

What we see as “the boot” was once split up into numerous states and kingdoms that had their very own languages.

This made communication amongst the regions understandably difficult.

Hence, the need for a more universal language came into play.

This unifier came in the form of body language, especially hand gestures that acted similarly to sign language.

Learn 60 of those most commonly-used hand gestures here to “talk” like Italians do:

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