We Are Italian America

So why should you join us?

Our family members who first ventured here may have brought nothing in their suitcases, but they brought everything in their spirit. As a result, being Italian isn’t a state of fact; it’s become a way of life.

As time passes, many of us grow further and further removed from those first generation ancestors; and yet, whether our blood is one half, quarter, or even sixteenth Italian today, we still live as full Italian: Family is our foundation and generosity our privilege. We care for others and take pride in creating a sense of community. 

As members of ISDA, we represent the very spirit of those first few immigrants, a spirit that has grown through the years and now spans across the 50 states. Together, as sons and daughters, we keep the torch burning. We preserve the values our parents and grandparents bestowed us with, we celebrate our wonderful culture, and we continue the special traditions passed on to us. Together, we live Italian.

As members of ISDA, we are Italian America. And we ask that you join with us today.

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