Support ISDA and Support Columbus Day

Read about an important resolution from ISDA...

This August, 245 elected delegates from around the country gathered at ISDA’s 43rd Biennial Convention in Florida. These delegates unanimously passed a resolution that expresses ISDA’s support for the celebration of Columbus Day and its dedication to work towards preserving this tradition nationwide throughout the country’s largest cities.

Columbus Day has a very important relevance in the history of American immigration.  It memorializes the sacrifices and contributions of immigrants, of every race and nationality, to America.  Therefore, Italian Americans need to recognize the significance of Columbus Day and stand united to maintain its observance in America.

ISDA’s voice strengthens when you stand united with us. Add your voice as one of the 18 million Americans of Italian descent this Columbus Day by joining ISDA. Through numbers, we inspire, create change and preserve our heritage.

Together, we are Italian America.

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