Show Your Pride and Identify as Italian American on US Census Day

We Are Italian America—be counted today!

By: Basil M. Russo, ISDA President 

April 1, 2020 is National Census Day, and it’s crucial that you’re counted.

In order to make the census as easy as possible, people may respond by email, phone or mail.

CLICK HERE to complete your census online.

The 2020 Census determines $675 billion in federal funding, representation in Congress, and community development and resources for the next 10 years.

The census results are used to reapportion the House of Representatives by determining how many seats each state gets to ensure fair representation.

Identifying as Italian American

There’s also a new question this year: those who identify themselves as “white” will also be asked to enter their ancestry, so please be sure to select Italian.

The last time European Americans were allowed to designate their ancestry was on the 2000 census, and the results offered some illuminating facts.

First, over 15.7 million people chose to identify themselves as Italian American, which accounted for 6% of the total U.S. population at the time.

Second, from the 1990 census to the 2000 census, the number of people who identified as Italian American rose by 1 million (a 7% increase over that 10-year period).

In that same time span, all other European ancestry groups saw a decrease, which shows just how loyal and proud Italian Americans are of their ancestry.

Devotion to Family and Tradition

There are a couple reasons that help explain the connection Italian Americans hold to their roots.

The most important link comes from the strong bond Italian Americans have to their families. The loyalty and devotion to family that Italian Americans were all raised with has been passed on from generation to generation, causing each of us to cling tightly to both our families and heritage.

Another important tie Italian Americans have to their heritage comes from the significance of food in our culture. Recipes and cooking are an integral part of who Italians are, with these culinary traditions connecting one generation to the next.

But whatever the tie may be that binds you to your Italian American heritage, you can express your pride by identifying yourself as an American of Italian ancestry when you fill out your 2020 census form.

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