October is National Italian American Heritage Month

A message from ISDA National President Basil M. Russo

Each Year, October is designated as National Italian American Heritage Month

It is a time set aside for the 18 million Americans of Italian descent to celebrate their family’s history, traditions and values…

The most meaningful way to do this is by making certain your family’s story is kept alive:  Pass it on to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Explain to them where your family’s roots are in Italy, the difficult journey your immigrant ancestors had, the prejudices they faced when they arrived in America, and the sacrifices they and their children made to ensure a better life for all of us today.

Also, celebrate together this month by attending your community’s Columbus Day Parade, a day when not only Italian Americans, but all Americans can acknowledge the sacrifices that immigrants of every race and nationality have made to make our country great.

The mission of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America is and always has been to preserve and perpetuate our Italian American heritage for the benefit of future generations. We ask that you join with us, so we may all work together in accomplishing this important goal.

This October, let the 18 million Americans of Italian descent share a singular and meaningful voice of pride, community and gratitude.

Basil M. Russo
National President of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America

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