Landmark Convention for ISDA

As the organization continues its focus to unite Americans of Italian descent, leaders gather to pass important new resolutions.


Two hundred and forty-five delegates from around the country gathered at the Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood, Florida, this past month, to conduct the biennial convention of the Order Italian Sons and Daughters of America.


In a display of unity and harmony, the delegates unanimously re-elected Basil M. Russo, as National President, and Warren Ciabattoni, was re-elected as Vice President.

The Vice Presidents elected by each district include Josephine Petitti, Indiana/Illinois, Danielle Salasavage, New York, Marie Frank, Ohio/Michigan, Patricia Mocello, Western Pennsylvania, Ernest Coby, Central Pennsylvania, Leanore Williams, Florida and Monica Grossi, West Virginia.

The delegates were very enthusiastic about the important changes that have occurred under Basil Russo’s leadership during the past two years, including the ISDA’s new newspaper, new website and its growth in membership.


The convention delegates unanimously approved two important resolutions drafted by President Basil Russo:

The first resolution authorized the ISDA to establish an affiliation with The National Italian American Foundation.  Since the ISDA and NIAF share a common mission and vision, President Russo felt it was important for the two organizations to work together to promote the interests of Italian Americans nationally.

NIAF President and Keynote Speaker John Viola with ISDA President Basil Russo at the 43rd Biennial ISDA Convention

The second resolution expressed the ISDA’s support for the celebration of Columbus Day throughout our country. Columbus Day has a very important relevance in the history of American immigration.  It memorializes the sacrifices and contributions of immigrants, of every race and nationality, to America.  Therefore, Italian Americans need to recognize the significance of Columbus Day and stand united to maintain its observance in America.

Overall it was a very productive (and fun!) week; and, we look forward to seeing you again next time!




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