ISDA’s Financial Offerings To Expand Across the U.S.

Help us find agents who can better serve our members nationwide...

ISDA Fraternal Association, the financial provider for ISDA members and the sister branch of our 501(c)(3) charitable entity Order ISDA, is excited to announce that we are now licensed to do business in Arizona and Colorado with more new states to follow soon!

We continue to offer products to members in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois and Indiana.

As a 501(c)(8) financial service provider, the ISDA Fraternal Association offers its members:

  • Financial security through life insurance policies
  • Opportunities for financial growth and sound investment through annuity programs, including traditional and Roth IRAs
  • 12 uniquely tailored products that benefit children, singles, families and seniors alike and are offered at highly competitive rates

If you are a licensed insurance agent and would like to join our winning sales team, please call Cathy Burks at 614.580.3646.

If you are interested in one of our financial offerings, please email or call 844.937.4732.

For assistance with existing policies, annuities or IRA’s, please email or call 800.457.4732.

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