A Message to Our Online Community

A message from the Italian Sons & Daughters of America this Columbus Day...

A few years ago, the Italian Sons & Daughters of America was on its way to extinction, dwindling away as many of its members passed away. The immigrants and their children who first started this organization are long gone now, and we knew it was up to us to carry the torch of everything they stood for: family, community, and a strong sense of pride that comes from caring for each other and others.

That’s why, in recent years, we have made a concerted effort to revitalize the voice of the Italian American community…

We have created a brand new website that we hope serves as a great resource to you all: A place to go for recipes, news, culture, obtaining citizenship, learning the Italian language, and studying both here in the US and abroad. The response this website and our social media posts has been overwhelming! We have gone from 6 likes on Facebook (a few members of our team) to over 300,000 in a little over one year. We have heard from countless people with questions and challenges, and have done our best to help each.

We have opened an Italian American Cultural Library devoted to the preservation of our history, traditions and customs.

We have formed a special affiliation with The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), an organization that accepted our president as a member of their Board of Directors, and whose important work we fully support and want to help shine a spotlight on.

Lastly, we have committed our members and resources to help promote and preserve the celebration of Italian American Heritage Month and the immigration experience through parades on Columbus Day in major cities across the country.

We ask that you help us continue to do more of this new work in addition to the work we have always done over the years: Engaging opportunities for children with special needs, providing financial assistance for young adults seeking education and support for seniors.

Without your help, we cannot grow and expand these important missions. Without a community united in numbers, we have no community to speak on behalf of and we have no community to contribute to this great nation through. And, without members, we will cease to exist for the future generations.

We hope you have enjoyed our website and social media posts this past year. We hope you find happiness in reading about the stories we share and the recipes passed down from past generations. We love to read the comments posted, as many of them reflect on the fond memories of this great upbringing and the desire to continue those traditions, creating fond memories for our own kids.

Lastly, we hope you take a moment today to reflect on whether you are able to support our work and join with us.

There are 18 million Americans of Italian descent in this country. Just imagine all the ways we can inspire when we stand united together in those values of family, community and pride.

Unity. Honor. Duty. That has been the mission of ISDA since it was formed in 1930. Help us continue that mission and make a pledge today. In exchange, we will send you our monthly print edition with even more news, culture and stories, an ISDA t-shirt, and a one-year membership status with admittance to a local lodge (where available) as well as all ISDA sponsored events and activities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And please continue to enjoy our website and Facebook page. It brings us great joy to know that you do! Happy Columbus Day!

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