The Sicilian Cart: History in Movement

The exhibition, the first of its kind in LA, features ornate treasures from Sicily's past.

Marianna Gatto — the newest Contributing Editor to ISDA — is the executive director of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, a historian and author, with more than a decade of experience in public history, advocacy, non-profit leadership and education.

In 2008, Gatto spearheaded an advocacy campaign that resulted in an allocation of $500,000 in funding from the City of Los Angeles to repair the Italian Hall, the historic building in which the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (IAMLA) is located.

Explore the slideshow below that showcases IAMLA’s newest exhibition — The Sicilian Cart: History in Movement. 

The Sicilian Cart -- IntroThe Sicilian Cart -- SynopsisThe Sicilian Cart 1The Sicilian Cart 3The Sicilian Cart 2The Sicilian Cart 4The Sicilian Cart 8The Sicilian Cart 7The Sicilian Cart 6The Sicilian Cart 5The Sicilian Cart 9The Sicilian Cart 10The Sicilian Cart 11The Sicilian Cart 12The Sicilian Cart 15The Sicilian Cart 14The Sicilian Cart 13The Sicilian Cart 16The Sicilian Cart -- Event Details

Gatto has authored and co-curated the IAMLA’s permanent exhibition, a seven-part exhibit that examines the history and contributions of Italians and Italian Americans in Southern California over the past 200 years. She has grown the museum’s collection from a modest group of a few hundred items to a rare repository of several thousand photographs, artifacts, oral histories and archival documents.

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