Italians Are Up in Arms Over Michelin-starred Chef’s Pizza

The infamous pie has drawn nationwide condemnation, and has even damaged the chef's reputation.

Pizza can be polarizing.

Everyone loves the famous dish, but say you like pineapple or ranch dressing on your pie, and you’ll certainly make an Italian’s face turn red.

The most egregious act as of late, according to Italians, was committed by Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco.

Cracco created a healthier, pricier version ($19.60) of Margherita pizza, made with petal-shaped mozzarella, hearty tomato sauce, and a whole wheat and cereal crust, according to USA Today. 

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There have been worse pizza creations, sure, but the Milanese menu item has drawn nationwide condemnation.

Italians hate everything about it, one paper called it “the pizza of discord” and one social media user said a Neopolitan dies every time a patron orders this pie.

Ouch, and the fallout hasn’t been pretty as Cracco’s restaurant has slipped from two Michelin stars to one.

What do you think: would you eat a slice of this pie?


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