Italian Priest Gets Creative to Up Mass Attendance

A little bubbly can go a long way to help attract churchgoers

The following article, written by Nick Squires, appears on The Telegraph. 

An Italian priest has come up with a novel way of luring parishioners to Mass – free prosecco and crisps.

If that is not enough to tempt them to the pews, there is also a supermarket-style loyalty card to record their attendance in church and, as Italy roasts in temperatures of up to 100F, the promise of air conditioning.

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The unusual initiative is the work of Father Gianfranco Formenton, the parish priest at San Martino church in the village of Trignano in Umbria.

He announced it in a Facebook post. “Attention! From Sunday July 2, Mass will be celebrated at 11am, (we have) air conditioning, and for the holders of a ‘Mass Card’, there’s an aperitif – prosecco for the grown-ups and Communion wafers and crisps for the little ones,” the 57-year-old priest wrote. Continue reading at The Telegraph. 

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