Jesus Christ or Mother Nature? Either way, We All Feel the Same Hope

This photo, shot from Agropoli, Italy, went viral as people marveled at the sun bursting through gray skies over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Last March, a striking photo swept across the internet.

Some called it a moment of natural beauty captured at just the right time, others saw Jesus Christ, with arms outstretched, breaking through gray skies.

Either way, those who have faced dire challenges can better identify with the hopeful symbolism of such an image.

Spanish Fever, the Great Depression and WWII came and went, and with each crushing blow we got back up, kept on fighting and overcame the odds.

In those days, we had neighborhoods of Italians to lean on. Those blocks are now few and far between.

But today, more than 2 million people come together on our site and share all the ways we’re still connected.

Here we are, under this digital roof, waiting for the sun to rise, but until then, let’s reach out to one another, check on one another, and tell paesani both close and distant how much they mean to this world.

Let’s build tomorrow together.



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