ISDA: Carrying the Torch for Generations to Come

Join us in our nationwide mission to deepen and strengthen the Italian American experience.

We at Italian Sons & Daughters of America (ISDA) want to take a moment and thank each and every member and reader who has supported us over the years.

On one hand, we’re a brick-and-mortar organization, which, for nearly a century, has built up more than 100 lodges and attracted thousands of members nationwide.

On the other hand, we’re a 450,000-strong digital community, which was formed around a world-class website that explores and promotes Italian news, life and culture.

That’s right: in less than two years, we — us + you — have created the most widely read and followed Italian-American site. We once dreamed of the day where we could bring Italian America under one digital roof to celebrate traditions and champion togetherness, and now that dream is very much a reality.

But there’s still much to do as we strive to uphold our rich past and uplift our bright future.

Over the course of Italian American Heritage Month, we highlighted some of these initiatives:

  • We established a digital Memory Wall to preserve the stories of our ancestors who risked everything to build better lives in America.

  • We’ve created the ISDA Virtual Lodge, a members-only online meeting place that connects the Italian American community across the nation to explorate our culture, share recipes, preserve traditions, promote events and more.

Now, the work continues as we find new and engaging ways to deepen and strengthen our culture.

Become a member for just $25/year, join us in our mission, and together, we’ll keep the torch burning brightly for generations to come.

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