650,000 Strong: We Are Italian America

Our flourishing digital community has grown to nearly 700,000 people, thanks to each and every one of you.

When I was elected President of Italian Sons & Daughters of America (ISDA) in 2014, I pledged to form a world class website that would connect decades of Italian-American culture and traditions to a digital age brimming with possibility.

It’s not even five years later, and ISDA now has the most robust and informative Italian-American website in the U.S.

Our 650,000-strong digital community has exceeded our expectations and redefined our perspective on the sheer power and reach of the Italian-American experience.

It’s a remarkable feat that we accomplished together, and it tells me we’re moving in one, significant direction—forward.

Here, on OrderISDA.org and our inclusive Facebook page, we dissolve divides and unite generations of Italian Americans who share their experiences and family histories to remind our newest sons and daughters of the importance of preserving and promoting our values and heritage.

We are a brick-and-mortar organization with lodges spread across the nation, we have lived through the best and worst of times in our 89-year history, and now, we can say our greatest days lie ahead if we continue to share, read and remember who we are, where we came from and why we’re one of the most influential cultures in the world today.

I’d like to thank all the writers, artists, curators, historians, filmmakers, culinary masters and members who comprise our editorial team and organization at large.

Here’s to another 650,000, and to building tomorrow together.


Basil M. Russo, ISDA National President


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