Sicilian Town Luring in New Residents With $1 Homes

To fight depopulation, the hilltop town of Sambuca is offering homes at bargain rates.

Depopulated Italian towns in need of revival are offering homes at bargain prices to lure in new residents.

The latest to offer residences that cost less than an espresso is Sambuca, a Sicilian hilltop town with views of the Mediterranean island and nearby beaches.

Sambuca has put dozens of dwellings on the market for around $1, an effort spearheaded by Giuseppe Cacioppo — Sambuca’s deputy mayor and tourist councilor — CNN reports.

Those who want to purchase homes can do so with relative ease, but there is a catch.

New owners must agree to refurbish the dilapidated 40- to 150-square-meter homes within three years.

The renovations would cost around $17,000 per home.

There’s also an upfront $5,700 deposit, which would be refunded once the renovations are complete.

Would you do it?

Ancient ruins in the city of Sambuca, Sicily.

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