New Life in the Old Country: Italian-Americans Return Home to Start Anew

Many Italian Americans are applying for dual citizenship, and some are even permanently moving back to the old country.

This story first appeared during the May 19 edition of CBS Sunday Morning.

Emigration, full circle: Returning to the old country

For all the obvious reasons, people who come to Italy often find it a difficult place to leave. Now, some are finding they don’t have to go home – they already arehome.

Sandy and Phil Ferretti, from Long Island via Florida, run the Relais Ortaglia B&B in Tuscany. Phil is the great-grandson of an Italian immigrant. “Who would have thought we would have ended up in Tuscany, but we’re here!” said Sandra.

Ferretti discovered a connection to Italy that’s deeper than he thought; he may actually be Italian, because of what’s known as the Law of Blood. Watch, and continue reading, at CBS Sunday Morning


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