Italy Has Some of the Highest Cancer Survival Rates in Europe, Study Finds

Effective treatments and public health policies have contributed to the high survival rates.

Some encouraging news from the Old Country: On average, more people survive certain types of cancer after treatment in Italy than in any other European country, according to a newly released EU report on Italian health care.

“Five-year survival rates following diagnosis for these and other cancers were slightly higher in Italy than in other EU countries, suggesting the health system is generally able to provide effective and timely treatments,” the report’s authors wrote.

Additionally, Italy has the second lowest rate of preventable deaths in the EU after Cyprus, The Local reports.

Researchers pointed to public health policies, implemented about a decade ago, that contributed to the boost in Italians’ overall health.

These policies include a nationwide smoking ban in public areas and workplaces, tightening access to tobacco, clamping down on drunken driving and raising the alcohol age limit to 18.

Overall, cardiovascular diseases remained the main cause of death in Italy.

For the full synopsis of the EU health report, visit The Local.

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