Italian Priest Didn’t Give Up Ventilator, But He Did Give His Life

Don Giuseppe Berardelli, like so many clergy, health workers and first responders, have given everything to help and save others.

An Italian priest is one of 50 clergy who recently died from the coronavirus, the BBC reports.

Don Giuseppe Berardelli, 72, was the archpriest of Casnigo, a town in northern Italy about 50 miles northeast of Milan.

According to previous reports, Berardelli had given up his ventilator to a younger patient, but this detail is likely a rumor.

Regardless, these priests, health care staff, first responders, and many others in Italy and around the globe, are undertaking work for the good of all, and there’s no greater cause than that.

In northern Italy, where Berardelli lived, medical staff have struggled with limited resources to treat the thousands of patients battling COVID-19, according to USA Today.

Italy is the world’s worst affected country with 6,820 deaths so far, but officials are hopeful that the prolonged lockdown will soon create a drawdown of cases similar to China, where travel restrictions are set to be lifted.

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