9 Things Every Italian American Family Can Relate To

Here's a list of comical and undeniable characteristics that will have you saying "You know you’re Italian when…"

When our Italian ancestors started coming over to America 140 years ago, they brought their “old world” ways with them.

These traits and traditions were then passed down from generation to generation, and are even widely recognized by people from other cultures.

Let’s start with visits to nonna’s house…

1. You can’t leave Nonna’s house without eating something.

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 2. You feel like you lost some hearing after every family function.

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3. You eat some form of pasta for every holiday–even Thanksgiving.

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4. You’re related to someone named Anthony, Tony, Marge, Mary, or Margaret.

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5. Your pets have Italian names.

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6. Your landscaping includes basil, tomato and zucchini plants.

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7. You wear black all year round.

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8. You were taller than your Nonna before you were 8 years old.

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9. You can’t talk without using hand gestures, no matter the situation.

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