ISDA Has Spent 60 Years Preparing for Moments Like These

We have earned the trust of thousands of members by generating millions of dollars in Life Insurance and Annuity business.

Italian Sons & Daughters of America formed ISDA Financial Life in 1960 to put more money in our members’ pockets.

Sixty years later, our fraternal association is the country’s largest Italian American-owned annuity/IRA/life insurance provider with more than $185 million in assets (97% of which are securely invested in U.S. bonds).

And with just a 2.3% stake in the stock market, our uniquely tailored products are virtually unaffected by the recent volatility—and that’s the point.

To everyone in the 17 states we serve, we offer low-risk, high-return policies and accounts that will grow your bottom line over the long term.

Maximize your financial growth and increase your peace of mind today with ISDA Financial Life.

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No start up fees, no membership fees, no backend loads; and, interest accumulates tax deferred. Plus, with APYs up to 3.50%, when you compare our annuities with those offered at your local bank, we win every time.

Life Insurance

Our wide range of policies offer protection for both life-long and temporary needs with varying payment options.


With APY’s up to 3.50%, our IRAs are tough to beat (and so is your potential for growth).

Contact us today, and we’ll align your financial goals with one of our trusted products.

ISDA Financial Life (formerly the ISDA Fraternal Association) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit company that is owned by our members and tightly regulated by the states we serve. We’re not a bank, we’re a leading fraternal association that has earned millions of dollars for our members over the last 60 years.

Licensed in: AZ, CO, CT, FL, IL, IN, MD, NJ, MI, OH, PA, RI, VA, TX, WV, NV, WI

ISDA FINANCIAL LIFE – 419 Wood Street Pittsburgh PA 15222-1825 – Phone: (800) 457-4732 – Fax: (412) 261-9897 – Email: – Website:


Calling all agents and financial reps, partner with ISDA Financial Life today

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