Your Italian Cooking Guide

La Dolce Vita asks Anna Prandoni to share everything one needs to know when cooking like an Italian.

This article, written bySilvia Paoli of La Dolce Vita, appears on The Huffington Post.

Everything You Need To Know To Cook Like An Italian

Anna Prandoni is the author of Let’s Cook Italian (Quarto Publishing), an Italian family cookbook (with simplified versions of the most famous recipes), written in order to bring our culinary art around the world, to adults and children (who are increasingly involved in making dishes). We asked her to tell us the ten golden rules of Italian cooking. ( and www.


1. Italy is varied when it comes to food. In other words, it’s not just about Rome, Florence and Venice. “If you’ve been to Tuscany, what you encountered isn’t Italian cuisine: just Tuscan. There are as many cuisines as there are regions and areas of Italy.”

2. Regionality: This means that certain ingredients are typical of certain areas; those who are born in a given place are better able to use local ingredients, as they are familiar with them. In short, a native of Lombardy would never cook “pasta alla Norma”, just as a Sicilian is bound to overcook risotto (by Milanese standards). Complexity should never discourage anyone but should be an invitation to know more. Read more on The Huffington Post…

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