Visit America’s Oldest Cheese Shop

At the corner of Mulberry and Grand Streets in New York City, buy and taste some of the best Italian cheeses America has to offer.

This article, written by Melanie Dunea, appears on Eater.

At America’s Oldest Cheese Shop, Tony Danza Commands Your Attention

Little Italy’s Alleva Dairy serves Scamorza, Italian heroes, and at least one celebrity sighting

That’s me you have seen marching double-time through the streets of New York’s Little Italy, my eyes glued to the pavement, determinedly dodging the catcall invitations for free sangria and heaping bowls of pasta. So it is not surprising that I never noticed the Alleva Dairy cheese shop snuggled at the intersection of Mulberry and Grand Streets; according to friends of mine who have been visiting the shop since the ‘80s, I’d been missing out.

Nothing about Alleva Dairy is subtle: the façade screams “Ricotta,” “Mozzarella,” “Oldest Cheese Store in America,” “EST.1892,” and the windows are cloaked with neon signs. Brace yourself for sensory overload as you step into the shop and onto the lovely Italian tiled floor. Dangling legs of Prosciutto drop from the original tin ceiling and stacks of cheeses teeter on the oversized deli counters. It’s delicious chaos. Read more at Eater…

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