The Ultimate Italian Cookbook

And others to add to your collection.

This article, written by JULIAN BRUNT, appears on Sun Herald.

Like Italian cuisine? Then you need ‘The Silver Spoon’

This week I’m blogging about the cookbooks that every foodie should have. Yesterday we focused on “Larousse Gastronomique,” the French encyclopedic cookbook, but today we will explore Italian options.

The bestselling cookbook in Italy for the past 50 years is “The Silver Spoon.”

It obviously is immensely popular in Italy, but doesn’t hold the same sway in the U.S. as it does there. Why? My guess is that American’s preconceived idea of what Italian food is all about doesn’t jibe with the real deal. If you are interested in authentic Italian food, this is the place to look.

Another book you might enjoy a bit more is Marcella Hazan’s, “The Classic Italian Cookbook.” She is an Italian woman who immigrated to the USA and held cooking classes in New York City for years. Her approach may be a bit more Italian-American and so will be a bit more palatable to most American cooks. I also like Mario Batali’s books. There are hundreds of Italian cookbooks out there, many of them regional, but the three authors mentioned here are sure bets. Check out all three cookbooks. Read more at the Sun Herald…

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