A Culinary Expert’s Rules for Italian Cooking

One of Britain's top Italian chefs shares her "10 Commandments."

This article, written by , appears on The Guardian.

Ten commandments of Italian cooking

Britain’s doyenne of Italian cookery simplifies the cuisine into 10 commandments, prizing good ingredients, subtlety, and giving taste god-like status

hen I was asked to write The 10 Commandments For Making Good Italian Food, I felt God had an easier job to do. What, indeed, are they? And how to define them? Are they so important as to be termed “commandments”? After thinking – and munching – it over for a few days, I decided on the following 10 rules for cooking food all’Italiana. You will not, however, go to hell if you do not follow them, nor to heaven if you do – though the result of your efforts may send you there, granted. Here they are: not on two tablets, but just a piece of newspaper. Read them here…


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