Recipe: The Perfect Cocktail

One writer makes the case for the Italian Spritz, sharing a recipe.

This article, written by appears on Bloomberg.

Baiocchi is the editor of the drink site Punch, which publishes some of the most thorough and exciting writing on the subject, and Pariseau is the site’s former deputy editor. Together, the authors took a road trip through Italy in a Fiat 500, getting the measure of regional spritz styles and adopting the leisurely spirit that drives Italian happy-hour culture. In Venice, they found that friends bar-hopping for rounds of classic Venetian spritzes and snacks was still the norm, while in Milan, modern, ritual-bending cocktails were often served right alongside the Negroni Sbagliato—the city’s classic of Campari loosened up with vermouth and prosecco. Read more at Bloomberg…

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