The One Dessert You Have to Try in Each Italian Region

Let this dessert roadmap be your guide to Italy's most scrumptious desserts.

The following article, written by Catherine Edwards, appears on The Local.

The one dessert you have to try in each of Italy’s regions

Aosta Valley | Tegole

Italy’s smallest region still packs a punch when it comes to dining, with cuisine influenced by its French and Swiss neighbours. ‘Tegole’ biscuits are named after roof tiles due to their thin, round shape, and are flavoured with hazelnuts. Best enjoyed with a cup of the local coffee, which is flavoured with sugar, lemon, and a generous dash of brandy or grappa.

Abbruzzo | Pizzelle

These thin waffles were traditionally made with the family’s coat of arms stamped into them, and they feature at most special occasions in the region. Every family tends to have their own take on the dessert, crispy or chewy depending on taste, but what really makes them stand out is that they’re baked using olive oil.

Basilicata | Strazzate

These crumbly little biscuits combine chocolate and almond flavours with Strega, a herbal liqueur. A must-eat if you find yourself at the instep of Italy’s boot. Continue reading at The Local.


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