The Greatest Italian Restaurants in NYC

Here are 20 of the best joints in town.

The following article, written by Bryan Kim, Katherine Lewin, and Hillary Reinsberg, appears on The Infatuation. 

The Best Italian Restaurants in New York

Outside of Italy, NYC is one of the best places in the world to eat Italian food. So, yes, this list could have been much longer than 20 restaurants. It also could have included places that specialize in pizza. But that’s a whole different list. So before you start tweeting at us about Di Fara, just know that we’re getting to that guide (maybe). For the most part, these are the spots where you go for a somewhat special occasion. Or maybe you just have some extra cash on hand and you want to sit at a bar on Wednesday and eat some bangin’ pasta. (Side note: lots of these places have great bars where you can eat.) Whatever the situation, if you want the very best Italian this city has to offer, you need only consult this list.

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