The Best Pizzas in America

The Daily Meal names its top 101 pies across the nation. See if your favorite slice made the cut...

Arthur Bovino, the Executive Editor for The Daily Meal, announces the names of the ‘101 Best Pizzas in America’ for 2015.

This is our fourth annual attempt to seek out America’s best pizza, and our third 101 (our first list covered a mere 35 — what were we thinking?). You know the expression, “It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it”? Well, we love pizza, but we make this list as hard on ourselves as we can. It’s one of The Daily Meal’s most compulsively tracked rankings. Why? Because Americans love pizza. It’s a truly democratic food, an inexorable part of Americna life, something everyone knows (or thinks they know). People take pizza very seriously. So we do too. Read more on Huffington Post.

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