Sunday Gravy and Rigatoni by Anthony Bourdain

The famous chef and writer crafted this recipe out of a long-held connection to Italian-American cooking.

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Out of the many things Bourdain is seemingly bitter about (in general), this one caught us by surprise. “I was always bitter that I wasn’t Italian American,” he wrote. “You know that scene in Saturday Night Fever, where Tony Manero is eating with his family? All the yelling and the smacking? That looked good to me.”

Turns out, his jealousy of Italian dinners stems from his own family dinners. He explained: “We were discouraged from talking with our hands at my childhood dinner table. Voices were supposed to be maintained at a reasonable level and used for civil discourse only. Definitely no smacking. Mopping sauce with bread — getting too physically involved with your food at all — was something my mom was unlikely to approve of.

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“So, this Italo-American Jersey classic — a riff on the Napolitano strategy for (a) turning a bunch of bony, low-quality off-cuts of meat into something delicious, and (b) stretching one thing into two courses — is a realization of all my childhood yearnings.”


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