Recipes: 15 Meat-Free, Dairy-Free Dishes You Have to Try

Don't eat meat to dairy? That doesn't have to stop you from enjoying your Italian favorites...

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15 Meat-Free, Dairy-Free Italian Recipes You Have to Try

It’s very likely that if you step into any Italian restaurant, you’ll be able to find a pasta dish, but we’re also willing to guess that your options would be little more than spaghetti with marinara sauce on it and you’ll have to ask them to hold the cheese. Not exactly the best reflection of how amazing Italian cuisine really is. You’ll probably find that your run-of-the-mill family Italian restaurant will have only a few options for you if you’re eating more plant-based foods, but you can veganize anything — yes, anything. You can take the cheesiest of Italian meals, like

You can take the cheesiest of Italian meals, like lasagna and transform it into a meal so good, you’ll forget all about dairy. Read more and view the recipes at One Green Planet…

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