Recipe: Italian Potato Salad

Packed with potassium and vitamins C and K, this Italian take on a summertime dish is delicious and nutritious.

This article, written by Darlene Zimmerman, appears on Detroit Free Press.

Parlsey and potatoes pack nutritional value in salad

As much as I love to cook, I must admit that many of my favorite recipes have just a handful of simple, fresh ingredients and are easy to throw together. Today’s Italian Potato Salad is a summertime favorite that’s top of my list. This is how my Italian mother-in-law made potato salad, and it’s sure to be a request of my husband’s this holiday weekend.

I like to use small, round, red-skinned potatoes in this salad. Sometimes referred to as boiling potatoes, their waxy flesh contains less starch and more moisture, making them an excellent choice for potato salads.

Potatoes, with the skin, are one of the best sources of potassium, which researchers believe could reduce the effects of too much sodium on blood pressure. A serving of today’s salad meets nearly 10 percent of your daily potassium needs. Read more at Detroit Free Press…

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