Recipe: Escarole

New Jersey's prideful and expert take on the Italian American staple...

This article, written by Dennis and Judi, appears on New Jersey 101.5.

How to make escarole: A New Jersey Italian-American staple!

Many Northern or Central New Jersey Italian-Americans can trace their roots to the province of Naples and the surrounding area. This would explain why I didn’t grow up eating this very “New Jersey Italian” dish.

My grandparents were from regions further south. However over the years many people growing up in Italian households in New Jersey were raised on escarole and beans and have shared their recipe with me.

Pretty simple, one pan meal. It’s usually made with veal meatballs or the regular pork, beef, veal mix meatball. But since I have a few members of the family who don’t like beef and are anti-veal, I have adapted this recipe to use pre-made store bought turkey meatballs. Saves on fat content and arguing about veal! View the recipe at New Jersey 101.5…

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