Recipe: Easter Pie

Torta rustica is a hearty dish filled with Italian staples.

This article appears on KCET.

Made to feed a crowd, torta rustica, or Italian Easter pie, is a hefty construction of meats and cheeses wrapped in a pastry crust, so that it can stand up to the considerable fillings, we reinforce our crust with eggs and knead the dough to develop gluten. In this Cook’s Country Recipe,  instead of the deli’s worth of meats called for in some recipes, we use just two: hot capicola and Italian sausage. For cheese, we found that aged provolone and salty Pecorino make a good pair, while creamy ricotta mixed with eggs holds it all together. Sautéed broccoli rabe adds freshness and a touch of bitterness, and it wouldn’t be Italian without garlic. View the recipe…

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