Recipe: Blue Crab Sauce

A family tradition from New Haven, Connecticut still simmers in the heart of writer Jocelyn Ruggiero.

The below article is written by Jocelyn Ruggiero. It was originally published in The Washington Post August 16, 2015. 

Blue crab sauce might as well run in my veins

The foods I most remember — the ones that grip me tightly somewhere between my heart and stomach — are the ones I enjoyed in my great-aunt’s 19th-century duplex in New Haven, Conn. She shared the house with my grandfather Lou, and that was where our family gathered to celebrate special occasions and holidays, and to savor the meals I would forever associate with feelings of comfort, warmth and, later, longing. It was in her tiny kitchen with its yellow linoleum floor and temperamental oven that I ate my first solid food: a meatball. My favorite food, though, was her blue crab sauce, a simple yet extraordinary dish that I make year-round, to this day. Read the full article…

Get the recipe for Aunt Phil’s Blue Crab Sauce here!

Writer Jocelyn Ruggiero is seeking sources who are familiar with Eggplant with Chocolate and Citron, often eaten for the Feast of the Assumption on August 15. For possible inclusion in a published article, contact Jocelyn with the below information:
  • How did your family make it?  And who made it?
  • How would you describe its taste
  • Do you have any special memories of it?
  • Do you still make this dish?
  • Where in Italy is your family from?
  • Where do you live now?
  • All comments welcome!
  • Please include your contact information

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