Prosecco Bottles For Under $15

Huffington Post shares eight bottles that are great selections and a great deal, too.

This article, by Elisa Poli and D by La Republica, appears on Huffington Post Travel.

Italian bubbly has taken the English-speaking market by storm. The announcement came this past spring: for the very first time, in both volume and value Prosecco sales topped those of its eminent competitor, Champagne. In fact, Italy’s sparkling white is a less expensive alternative to French bubbly but offers outstanding quality. It is a little sweeter, with an average of 15–16 grams of sugar as opposed to 9–10 for Champagne. It can be enjoyed throughout the meal and goes beautifully with fruit in cocktails, as in the famous Bellini.

View the bottles at Huffington Post Travel.

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