Pizza: Rome vs. Naples

It's National Pizza Day, and Eating Italy Food Tours celebrates by dishing on the country's two most famous pies.

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National Pizza Day – Rome v Naples

Oh, pizza – let us count the ways we adore you:

1) You’re delicious.
2) See above.

To be honest that sort of covers it. Is there truly anything better than a hot pizza straight from the oven being put in front of your hungry face?

Pizza – a brief history

The oldest reference to the word “pizza” dates back to 987 AD and was found to come from Gaeta, a village in Southern Lazio. It’s thought that it comes from the Latin word “pinsa” meaning flatbread. The modern-day pizza we all know and love stems from tomato being added to the top of focaccia (a type of flatbread) in Naples in the 18th century.

If the history of pizza is your thing, you might enjoy this book.

Naples v Rome – are you soft or crispy?

A poll by Società Dante Alighieri found that “pizza” was the best known Italian word outside of Italy (8 out of the top 10 were food!). Read more at Eating Italy Food Tours…

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