Making the Perfect Italian Cheese Plate

An Italian cheese importer to many of Manhattan's top restaurants shares her tips.

This article, written by Summer Smith, appears on Men’s Journal.

How to Make The Perfect Italian Cheese Plate

Americans are fond of melting cheese over many a red-sauced dish; we love Mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Ricotta and Provolone, for all their gooey magic. But to impress a dinner guest with a phenomenal and truly original Italian cheese plate, we look to Tina Marcelli, who along with her father and brother at Marcelli Formaggi, is bringing far more exotic Italian cheeses stateside. The Marcellis import their family’s rare cheeses into the US, and chefs at highly acclaimed Manhattan restaurants have clamoured for it. The kitchens at Marta and Del Posto, among others, have invented some delicious ways to serve it, from cheese plate “flights” to melting over everything from duck to ice cream.

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