Italian Wines Worth Trying

The Daily Meal reviews 11 wines with variety

This article, written by Roger Morris, appears on The Daily Meal.

Italian Wines Show off Variety

From Sicily to the Alps, here’s a sampling of diverse wines from mostly native grapes

If you’re a wine lover, you’re well aware that some of the best wine is offered in Italy. No country — not even France — seems to have the diversity of native grapes as Italy does. While we know several of them — sangiovese, barbera, pinot grigio, moscato — there are many regional vines and grapes used to make wines that Americans had not seen on labels even 10 years ago. The uniqueness of these vines and grapes made for a wide range of wine selections, which we were happy to try.

That being said, we recently sampled several current releases from a few different winegrowers. From the Alps in the north to Sicily in the south, each wine has its own traits that make it one of a kind.

We’ve compiled a list of reviews for all of these Italian wines. After each glass, we were ready for more.

Read all 11 reveiws  at The Daily Meal.


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