Italian Meatloaf

An Italian twist on the American classic, courtesy of POPSUGAR Select Food.

This recipe appears on POPSUGAR Select Food.

Italian Meat Loaf, Because This Retro Favorite Never Goes Out of Style

Not just another meat loaf . . . A few simple tips to make this taste so good and so Italian — you will swear you’re in Italy. I kid you not. Especially the sauce. It’s spectacular!

I promise, I am not exaggerating. This is not just “another meat loaf” with ground beef/mince mixed together with some random Italian herbs.

Oh no. This is so much more than that! THIS is made in the spirit of homemade Italian sausages. Have you ever made Italian sausages? I have. They taste amazing. They require specialty equipment to grind pork shoulder, electronic scales to get the exact amount of herbs and salt, and of course, the sausage machine to pipe the sausage mixture into the casings.

I don’t have all that equipment in my humble kitchen. But I’ve manage to re-create the flavors in this ridiculously delicious Italian meat loaf!

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