Italian Craftsmanship Makes Its Way to Beer

Tales of the Cocktail blogger Adam Rains talks about Italy's new beer movement.

This article, written by Adam Rains, appears on Tales of the Cocktail, Behind the Bar.

Italians have always been craftsmen, but when it came to beer, the only tradition was making pilsner-style beers on a macro-brewer model. What Italy lacks in beer traditions, however, they make up for in newfound passion. Home to the slow food movement (a response to mass-produced fast food) and an international hub for viticulture and the culinary arts, Italians are stepping away from beer mechanized on the industrial scale and applying their culinary ethos to making ales and lagers. They’re now drawing on their heritage and passion to make world class beer. On the forefront of this better beer movement, Birrifcato Del Ducato‘s Giovanni Campari says,

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