Italian Brunch

Dine "Italian style" on a leisurely morning with these tips and recipes...

This article, written by ALEXIS KORMAN, appears on Wine Enthusiast.

How to Master Italian Brunch

Italian brunch may be an American invention, but it’s an increasingly popular one. Just take a peek inside New York City’s packed trattorias on a Sunday afternoon for proof.

“We don’t really have brunch in Italy,” says Italy-born Chef Vito Gnazzo of Manhattan’s buzzy Il Gattopardo, which serves an Italian brunch menu on weekends. “A cappuccino and a pastry is how we might eat at midday on a weekend in Italy. But being in New York City, the brunch capital of the world—and because our restaurant has such a beautiful brunch space—we absolutely had to create a brunch menu that reflected our Italian personality.”

Read Gnazzo’s tips and get his recipe for Uova all’Amatriciana at Wine Enthusiast…

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