Italian After-Dinner Drinks

The Huffington Post shares a detailed digestif guide.

This article, written by Laura Taccani of La DolceVita, appears on The Huffington Post.

Your Guide To Italian After-Dinner Drinks

The important thing is not to get behind the wheel after you’ve enjoyed your tipple. Other than that, in Italy you have an array of liqueurs to taste. No trattoria, pizzeria or restaurant would dream of not offering patrons a high-octane drink or two after a lunch or soup-to-nuts dinner. The most popular from north to south is limoncello, but various amari—digestifs—as well as passiti, grappas, and liqueurs in various avors also top the list. There is unquestionably a tie with the traditions of the various regions (and with local ingredients like herbs, fruit, and roots), but these drinks have become popular all over the place, making things a little confusing. So various after-dinner drinks can also be found very far from the geographical area originally tied to their name. Read about various after-dinner drinks at The Huffington Post…

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