Make Your Own “Martoni”

Henry Jeffreys analyzes the Italian aperitivo and shares a recipe, too.

This article, written by , appears on The Guardian.

Italian aperitivi: Bitter and twisted

Italians adore a hint of the poisoned chalice in an aperitivo, that lip-puckering liquor to whet the appetite…

hen I hear the word aperitivo, I’m transported back to the 1970s. It brings to mind those Cinzano adverts with Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins, racing cars emblazoned in Martini colours and I can almost picture my late aunt sipping Campari at Ronnie Scott’s. Well, the 70s are back. Classic vermouths such as Cinzano, Martini and Cocchi are winning new fans both as cocktail ingredients and as standalone drinks.

Read more and view the recipe for “The Martoni” at The Guardian…

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