How to Eat Italian and Stay Fit

The key to eating as the Italians do (and reaping the physical benefits, too).

This article, written by Nancy Werteen, appears on WFMZ-TV.

Life Lessons: How to eat like an Italian and stay slim

Italian-food lovers rejoice. Recently, a study conducted by Italian scientists found that pasta consumption is actually associated with a smaller waistline and a reduced risk of obesity. While most nutritional recommendations for weight loss typically ban pasta from Americans’ plates, these scientists say, Italians are able to indulge and stay slim. So what is their secret?

Italian researchers might have proven that pasta doesn’t make you fat, but that’s only if you eat like an Italian. Among those eating a more traditional Italian-Mediterranean diet, pasta consumption was linked to smaller waist size and lower BMI. Their diets are high in healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables. But it isn’t all about what they eat; it is also how they eat it.

For Italians, mealtime is an event. Lunch is traditionally the most important meal of the day and is meant to be enjoyed with family members. Read more at WFMZ-TV…

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